• WASD move
  • F throw bone
  • SPACE / W jump
  • ESC back to menu
  • Feed the dog by pressing F - This is important, as the dog is the key to unlocking the door to the next level! 

Go on an adventure with your dog into the unknown! You’ll find that as you explore the spooky caves, the camera will zoom out more and more until your character is very *far away* while you play! Have fun playing our game and good luck!

All of the levels, characters, decorations, sound effects and music were made by our team!

Created at 48 hour GUDEV Game Jam 2020.

Tile Map Asset:

Pathfinding Library:

Game Runthrough: 


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damn who made the music??

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My friend's Peter and Iain created the music and all of the sound effects!! <3